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When you subscribe to any of our products or services, we offer the following payment methods for you to make make payment for your invoice.

1) Credit Cards (Mastercard / Visa) - Auto recurring
     During payment, your credit card details will be securely sent to our PCI Compliance payment processor for payment processing. This is auto recurring payment.

2) Paypal - One time or Auto recurring
     During payment, you will have an option to use Paypal Subscription for automatic payment for every billing cycle or Paypal Checkout for one time payment only.

3) Bank Transfer (Singapore bank only and in Singapore Dollars) - One time
     Bank details are listed on the invoice for you to make bank transfer to. You are required to inform us after payment is made so that the funds are allocated properly.

4) Cheque (Singapore drawn cheque and in Singapore Dollars) - One time
must be in Singapore Dollars, crossed and invoice number written behind the cheque. Mailing address for the cheque can be found in the invoice.

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