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Symptoms: My website and cPanel is showing a blank page or my browser reports connection timeout error. Server Status in BudgetHosting Account Manager shows no current server issues.

Possible Reason & Resolution: To protect your account from being hacked, we have a Intrusion Detection System where a IP address of the user will be temporary block in event of multiple login failure from a single IP address.

In any event where you could not access your website or cPanel and there is no Server Issues reported, follow the below steps to verify and unblock your IP address.

1) Log in to the BudgetHosting Account Manager

2) Go to Support > cPanel Unblock IP to check if your IP is blocked.

Menu > Support > cPanel Unblock IP

Once you entered the cPanel Unblock IP screen, enter the IP address of the computer having problem accessing to check.

Unblock IP

Your current computer IP address will automatically be populated into the field. If you are checking another IP address, simply replace it into the form field.
Upon clicking the Check for IP Block and Remove, if it is in the Block list, it will be unblocked and you can resume usage of the website and cPanel.

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